By Marcus Leach

In the context of implementing the “Mercedes-Benz 2020” growth strategy, the Executive Committee of Mercedes-Benz Cars has decided to go on the offensive in the luxury segment with the Mercedes-Benz brand and no longer with the Maybach brand.

With its new growth strategy, “Mercedes-Benz 2020”, Daimler aims to get back to the top in premium-segment unit sales by the end of this decade at the latest.

One element of that strategy is to offer a wider range of products in the compact segment. But it is equally important that Daimler further strengthens its position in the luxury segment.

After a discussion of the pros and cons, its was decided that in the future, Daimler will focus entirely on its core brand in the luxury segment: Mercedes-Benz, the world’s most valuable premium car brand. There will be no successor to the current Maybach, whose production will be discontinued at the latest in 2013 when the new S-Class is launched.

Mercedes-Benz will gradually extend its S-Class range, which currently consists of the short- and long-wheelbase S-Class sedans and the CL coupe, with the addition of three new models. In this way, Mercedes-Benz will be able to make an even more attractive offer to the existing Maybach customers as well as to owners of competing brands, thus increasing sales opportunities and profit potential.

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