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Cybercrime is a major issue, costing the global economy about £300 billion a year and small-to-medium size businesses (SME’s) are a growing target for Cyber Criminals.

Cyber security threats affect every business and organisation regardless of size or industry and impact every department; finance, marketing, compliance, risk, legal and IT.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) listed cybersecurity as one of the greatest threats to businesses globally, yet the majority of businesses do not have internal cyber security expertise.

A new, ‘deep-dive’ one-day event, Cyber Security SME, will inform and sign-post owners and directors of small-to-medium size businesses about the steps they need to take to protect their assets from ever growing risks.

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"There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be."

Robert Mueller, Former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

SME’s are being viewed as a softer target by criminals because they often don’t have the resources of larger businesses and therefore are considered ‘easy-prey’.

Cyber security threats touch all areas of an organisation, large or small. Therefore, all staff need to be educated. Training will be essential to ensure staff understand what’s expected of them, how to respond and how to handle the threats.

Who should attend Cyber Security SME 2017?

This conference will ensure owners, directors and managers from SME's;

  • Understand the cybersecurity landscape
  • Get to grips with the implications of cybersecurity as a business risk
  • Learn effective tools for developing an incident response plan
  • Gain an understanding of best practice
  • Start educating the workforce to comply with policy
  • Learn the pros and cons of personal mobile devices at work (BYOD)
  • Get tips on securing devices and data in the Internet of Things
  • Learn how to protect your assets
  • Begin to develop a proactive approach to cyber security
Any business that is connected to the internet needs to take responsibility for cyber security at board level. Ignoring cyber threats until it’s too late could be a costly mistake.

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