Here is an idea, you put your savings into a saving account, and you can sit back and thanks to the miracle of compound interest, you can watch it grow. At the current interest rate set by the Bank of England of 0.25%, that means you could double your money every 279 years, which means that if you were to set aside £1,000 today, in 3,000 years' time it would be worth a million pounds.

Now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology we are living longer, but you may have this sneaky suspicion that you won’t live long enough to benefit that significantly from compound interest. It may even be a bad time to become a vampire, because not even they seem to enjoy sufficient longevity to benefit from that, and that they may have to join the rest of us, working hard, presumably doing night shifts, for a few centuries.

So, here is an idea, how about bypassing banks, and lending directly to companies via peer-to-peer lending?

Alas, it appears we are not to be trusted.

said: “Government policies to promote the crowdfunding sector may have the right intention, to increase competition in the SME lending market – but government tax incentives, in effect government subsidies, may be encouraging some consumers into the use of inappropriate products.”

So there you have it, be a good boy or girl, and leave the business of lending to companies to the adults.

Just a thought, maybe by encouraging peer-to-peer, the UK government is helping foster a strong entrepreneurial spirit in the UK.

You learn about business by doing, and you learn about investing by doing. We wouldn’t want people to learn this stuff, now would we?