By Clair West

DMC Software, CRM experts and leading Sage Business Partner, proposes that organisations should improve their use of CRM solutions by ensuring that the basics of customer relationship management strategy are in place.

Since CRM software was first introduced in the 1980’s it has gone from strength to strength and its capabilities are seemingly limitless, with the introduction of mobile applications, social CRM and ERP integration. However, it is apparent that many originations try to run before they can walk overlooking the key elements that are fundamental to a successful CRM implementation.

Mike Ramsay, Managing Director of DMC Software Solutions, exclaims, “At DMC, we have been selling, installing, supporting and developing CRM software for over 10 years. Many organisations approach us with the belief installing a

CRM solution will ensure success. This is not true, and it is important that a proper CRM strategy and methodology is in place to ensure goals are accomplished.

“A number of decisions have to be made regarding how the CRM system will be used to achieve organisational goals and all users need to be convinced of the positive attributes. Reliable processes and procedures need to be introduced to encourage user adoption and accurate data capture. Once this has been achieved and everything is working effectively, then and only then can more advanced applications for CRM software be considered.”

A properly implemented CRM solution can be an extremely powerful business tool. CRM software allows organisations to understand customer needs and in turn product and service offerings can be adapted to be more closely aligned. The result, customer satisfaction is increased and in turn customer loyalty which reduces the cost of acquisition and increases profitability.

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