Creditsafe – Changing the way business information is used.

With 5 Creditsafe reports being downloaded every second, Creditsafe are the most used provider of credit information throughout Europe.

Within the UK alone Creditsafe now has over 27,000 customers ranging from small sole traders to large multinational companies who have benefited from our online business and consumer credit reports. At Creditsafe we strive to make your life easier and therefore offer a professional yet easy to use product range that allows the whole of your company to work towards an environment free from the threat of bad debt.

We pride ourselves on our innovative product range and the Creditsafe credit score is one of the most predictive within the industry, giving you peace of mind that Creditsafe reports provide you with the best information available, as soon as it is available.

All of the information within Creditsafe UK Company Reports is sourced directly from Companies House, The Registry Trust and London and Edinburgh Gazette and digitalised in house. Our stringent quality targets are consistently met and measured by highly trained in house data analysts.

The Creditsafe system has everything a Finance Department needs to help protect your company against the threat of bad debt. However, it is simply too good a tool to keep just within the Finance Department. Every department in your company can use the system to help them make smarter decisions, whether it be the Sales Department ensuring they are only targeting creditworthy business to the HR Department doing due diligence checks on new staff members.

Due to our continued success and expansion throughout Europe Creditsafe are now able to provide you access to over 54 million company reports across 26 European and North American countries as part of our Creditnet offering. In addition all Creditsafe packages now come with access to European Reports as standard.

However Creditsafe are not just a Credit Checking Company – we are a bit more intelligent than that. Our Marketing Solutions are designed to streamline your marketing campaigns by targeting only companies that will be the most profitable to you. Download your own prospects whenever you wish using the criteria that fits your business. Don't waste time and money targeting prospects that are not compatible with your business model due to size, geography or financial factors.

But please do not take our word for it, visit our stand at Fresh Business Thinking LIVE! on the 15th November 2011 or if you would like to have a free trial of our product offering please visit us at www.creditsafeuk.com.

For more information please contact Michael.mordecai@creditsafeuk.com

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