By John Rosling, UK CEO of Shirlaws

In many of these articles I’ve talked a lot about energy and feelings in the business because we observe successful business acknowledge they are a community of people and get these things right. But, the business itself works very like an energetic system — growing and developing and creating a culture and personality of its own.

The following diagram provides a useful summary of everything we have covered so far. It shows the business in simple contextual themes. It shows that each of these is dependent upon the others and that the business effectively flows like a river. If any of the key parts of the business is not working it creates a block to the flow of revenue and energy. If the river flows smoothly it becomes effortless to manage and builds exponentially as revenue flows through it.

The diagram also illustrates that where you think you may have a problem could very well have its source further up the chain. For example businesses often think they have a problem with sales but the source is quite likely to be in poor channels to market or an unfocussed market position.

As useful exercise to do now is to score your business in each of these key areas using a simple system of a tick if you feel you’re getting this right in your business, a - if you feel there is work to be done and a cross if you feel this is really not working well. You’ll quickly uncover where your blocks are and where you should be devoting your time and energy as CEO.

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