What are you going to DO now?

By Gerard Burke, Founder and MD, Your Business Your Future

Our business purpose is to help owner managers actually create the future they want for their businesses and for themselves. Of course, creating a different future means DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY. To this end, we started a discussion on the Ambitious Owner Managers group on LinkedIn asking members to commit to plans and actions of what they’ll DO DIFFERENTLY now and in the future. And what a great discussion it’s turned out to be. Here’s just a selection of some of the commitments ambitious owner managers have made:

- “Work more ON the business, rather than IN the business all the time”.

- “Add as much value as we possibly can to our EXISTING customers — they’re our most valuable asset”.

- “Continually look for more ways to improve and do things differently and better”.

- “Keep selling our core service”.

- “Review our marketing approaches and how effectively we get our message across”.

- “Only do things I’m good at or am passionate about — delegate or outsource the rest”.

- “Always compete on distinctiveness and NEVER on price”.

- “Make sure I build a business which fulfils my personal goals and values so that I maintain my passion, energy, belief and tenacity”.

- “Keep myself healthy and not overly stressed”.

- “Improve our processes using ESIA — E for Eliminate, S for Simplify, I for Integrate and, only then, A for Automate”.

It’s interesting to observe that several of these commitments are very similar to some of our Seven Pillars of a Better Business.

Of course, almost by definition an ambitious owner manager wants a better future for their business and for themselves. From a business point of view, this is often expressed as wanting the business to be bigger, more profitable or more valuable. On the personal side, owner managers typically say that they want the business to be less reliant on them personally and less demanding of their time. Interestingly, far fewer can clearly articulate what they want to do with the time they create as a result!

Work in other fields indicates that, whilst “move away from” goals (eg. “I want the business to be less demanding of my time”) are useful in times of crisis, "move towards" goals (eg. “I want to be spending one day a week watching my kids play their sports”) are far more effective in the long run. And this applies to the future you want for yourself as much as to the future you want for the business.

Our Better Business Programme is specifically designed to help ambitious owner managers to articulate the different and better future they want for their business and for themselves and then to actually bring it about. And, because the contributor who said that one of the ways to keep yourself motivated is to make sure that you're doing things that you're passionate about is absolutely right, our distinctive process for helping you build a better business starts by helping you to articulate your personal goals, personal drivers and personal ambitions - the future you want to create for you.

That way, you will stay focused, energised and motivated and the business will thrive. The converse is also true: if you end up building a business which delivers a different set of things to you, which you don't really want, you'll be de-energised, de-motivated and unfocused and the business will feel like a bit of a burden.

So what future do you want for YOU and what will you DO in your business to bring that future about?

To find out more about how the Better Business Programme can help you build the better future you want for your business and for you, come along to one of our Better Business Briefing Events. To book a place, please visit: Better Business Briefing Events.

Thanks to the members of the Ambitious Owner Managers group on LinkedIn who contributed to a discussion which formed the basis for this article.

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