By Jason Theodorou

US rapper Kanye West is following only one person on Twitter - a man from Coventry. West made Steven Holmes the only person he is following on the social networking site, bewildering fans and commentators and turning Mr. Holmes into an online star.

West has gained over 380,000 Twitter followers in less than a week. He began following Mr. Holmes when he responded to a picture West posted of 'Diamond Teeth'. Mr. Holmes asked if West used ‘Colgate or polish’, to which West replied ‘I used to clean my diamonds with toothpaste when I was about 19... so this works out perfectly’. He then began following Mr. Holmes.

Mr. Holmes thanked West for following him on the site, to which West replied 'you are the chosen one, dun dun dun'. Mr. Holmes has since seen his Twitter following increase from 60 to 3,665 followers, many of whom asked him to directly message West with questions and invitations to connect on Twitter.

With his number of followers rapidly increasing as a result, the Coventry man said that he now felt pressure to post high quality tweets. West advised him to ‘tweet strong, young man, tweet strong!!!’. Mr. Holmes has since tweeted that he ‘has no desire for this attention’ and announced that he will not be speaking to any more press or journalists.

West has previously slammed Twitter, saying ‘everything Twitter has, I need less of’. Despite this he has been tweeting regularly about his activities and posting photos and lyrics for his fans - many of whom have tweeted about their despair at not being his 'chosen one'.

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