By Daniel Hunter

More than two-thirds of business managers would consider adding a robot to their team, according to new research from business services firm Expert Market.

Following news that a worker was killed by a robot at a Volkswagen plant in Germany, Expert Market surveyed managers in the UK to see how willing they'd be to work with a robot.

Seventy per cent said they would consider using a robot, assigning tasks such as admin - answering the phone, sending emails and report writing.

Managers said they would find the lack of sick days, consistency of work and not having to worry about them leaving as the biggest benefits.

However, the biggest concerns were a lack of creativity and any emotional attachment to work.

Only 15% of those polled were worried about robots taking over the world. Seventy-nine per cent said they would prefer their robot to look like a machine, with most saying they found the idea of a human-looking robot disconcerting.

Although the research focused on managers adding robots to their team, 68% said a lot of their own work could be done by a robot.