By Gary Bourland, Country General Manager, Lexmark UK and Ireland

Professionalism and attracting reader attention are key drivers for printing in colour

Whilst European office workers clearly recognise the business benefits of colour printing, 28 per cent still see no need for it, according to new research by Lexmark, the printing solutions provider.

A survey of 970 office workers across 12 European countries found that the main benefits of printing in colour are documents look more attractive (54 per cent), promote a more professional approach (41 per cent) and ensure the reader’s attention (29 per cent).

However, of those questioned, 68 per cent said their organisation produces less than a quarter of all documents in a colour format. When questioned, the respondents said the most common items printed in colour are photos (52 per cent), presentations (47 per cent) and brochures (34 per cent).

“The survey shows that fears about high costs are the main reason companies stick to black only printing,” said Gary Bourland, country general manager for Lexmark UK & Ireland. “However, concerns over the costs may be unfounded. We offer various options to control these costs and reduce unwanted colour printing, both via the setup of colour devices like defined colour darkness setting as well as using colour print permissions, defining who in a company has access to colour devices.”

Besides worries over high costs, cited by 49 per cent as the main reason for not printing in colour, almost one in ten (8 per cent) said they didn’t have access to a colour machine and 4 per cent said it was company policy not to print in colour.

“Colour printing is often viewed as an added bonus in the office rather than standard practice, despite the fact that many recognise the benefits of producing more professional looking documents when the need arises,” said Bourland.

Survey background

Lexmark surveyed 970 office workers across 12 European countries including Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The research was completed in July 2011.

The website is: www.lexmark.co.uk

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