Cookson Group plc (LSE: CKSN) is a leading materials technology company headquartered in London which provides materials, processes and services to customers worldwide.

The Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

The Company was founded by Isaac Cookson in 1704 as a collection of metal and glass businesses on Tyneside.

In 1851 the Company diversified into lead manufacturing. In 1924 it merged with Lock Lancaster and W.W. & R. Johnson & Sons to form Associated Lead Manufacturers.

It was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1930.

In 1966 it was renamed Lead Industries Group and in 1979 it acquired the A.J. Oster Company, a non-ferrous metal producer.

In 1982 it changed its name again to Cookson Group and in 1987 it bought the Vesuvius Crucible Company, a ceramics supplier.

In 2005 it chose to focus on high technology products and emerging markets.

In 2008 it went on to acquire Foseco, a supplier to the foundry and steel industries.

Source: Wikipedia