By Daniel Hunter

As Hurricane Sandy causes havoc on the American coast, as well as on a wider scale, businesses are demonstrating that they have learnt from previous natural disasters and have implemented contingency plans.

Dave Alberts, Director at Crimson & Co, the UK’s leading end-to-end supply chain consultancy, said that many businesses have lessened disruption.

“The waves are already surging over the sea defences and the weather forecasters are predicting that the flood tide for Hurricane Sandy will exceed those experienced during Hurricane Irene," he said.

"But, many companies have learned the lessons from last year and well thought through contingency plans are being enacted to lessen the impact. Servers are being moved to safer locations and many IT companies have mobilised support teams to help customers in remote locations.

“The possibility of power outages may result in the closing of some manufacturing plants for a day or so but many have prepared alternative power sources. The flow of goods from distribution centres will be slow and those companies that sell direct to consumers will feel this first but the supply teams will quickly be re planning to minimise both the short term impact and the November holiday season push.

"Clearly there will be a business impact from Hurricane Sandy but hopefully all the lessons learnt from Hurricane Irene have been built into contingency plans and the personal and business impacts can be minimised.”

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