By Jonathan Davies

Contactless payments drove a 10% rise in the number of card uses in 2014, according to the UK Cards Association.

The body said that the introduction of contactless payments on London transport last September was the main reason behind the rise.

Payments on London transport services accounted for 11% of all contactless transactions, UK Cards Association said.

The figures come after the Payments Council last month said that cashless payments had overtaken cash for the first time in 2014.

But the data from the UK Cards Association also shows that although the use of contactless and debit/credit cards is rising, the public is spending less on them. The average transaction on a debit card in 2014 was £43.45, £1.04 lower than in 2013.

But the UK Cards Association said this was the impact of contactless cards, which can only be used on transactions under £20 (although the limit will rise to £30 in September).