By Jonathan Davies

The limit for contactless card payments has been raised to £30.

Until now, shoppers have been able to spend £20 without having to enter their PIN number. The increase comes after a surge in the number of shoppers using contactless payments.

According to the UK Cards Association, shoppers have spent £2.5 billion so far in 2015, already above the £2.32bn spent in 2014.

The trade body said that the average supermarket spend of £25 would now be covered by contactless payments.

UK Cards Association chief executive Graham Peacop said: "The growth in contactless payments shows people want to use contactless cards, and increasing the limit gives customers even more opportunities to pay in this way."

Consumer group Which? has previously raised concerns over the security of contactless payments. It has suggested that not having to enter a PIN increases the risk of fraud and theft.

But UK Cards Association said that fraud via contactless payments was less than 1p for every £100 spent.