By Claire West

Latest research from the DMA fast.MAP data tracking study reveals 57% of consumers surveyed said a poorly targeted communication would make them unsubscribe from receiving any further information.

While 21% of consumers said receiving unwanted materials would be the primary cause of them losing trust in a brand and 29% stated that they would throw away communication without opening it if it was incorrectly addressed or addressed 'to the occupier'.

ONEPOST, the UK's leading provider of independent postal advice and management, has been championing best practice for direct mail, including data cleansing services and more careful targeting as the industry faces tough targets to prevent waste. As part of this ONEPOST sponsor the DMA fast.MAP sustainability study which earlier this year revealed that targeting is key when considering how environmentally friendly (or unfriendly) a company is. 29% answered they felt company was not environmentally friendly if their direct mail was incorrectly addressed, 27% said if an item is for someone who has died and 27% said from someone who has goneaway.

Luan Wise, ONEPOST Marketing Manager comments "The series of DMA fast.MAP tracking studies are clearly demonstrating the consumer responses we want to avoid. Incorrect addressing is an easy error to rectify." She adds "The need for careful targeting is also clear".