By Daniel Hunter

Consumer confidence has hit its lowest level since March, according GfK’s UK Consumer Confidence Index.

The index recorded a figure of -4 in December. Over the past seven months, confidence has stayed relatively flat, keeping within two points of -1.

GfK said four of the five measures used to calculate the score fell in the final month of the year.

Consumers are least confident over the general economic situation over the last 12 months. That individual index dropped four points compared with November and sits -26 points lower than December 2013.

Consumers' confidence in their personal financial situations dropped slightly, but still remain relatively strong compared with other indicators.

Nick Moon, Managing Director of Social Research at GfK, said: “After seven months of flat lining within two points either side of -1, the Index has finally moved (just) out of this range, and the bad news for the government is that it has moved downward.

The index is now at the lowest point it has been since March this year, though it must be remembered that it is still significantly higher than it was two years ago this month when it stood at -29.”

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