By Claire West

The Conservative Party has published the recommendations of the Taylor review which was commissioned whilst in opposition.

'The challenge to the farming community is one of the many challenges facing the UK during these difficult economic times and The Taylor review can be very much seen in the context of significant challenge to government, society, industry and science.

It is clear that there will be opportunities for the UK farming and food sector in responding to these challenges. But just as we must live within our environmental means, so must we live within our economic means.

Climate change alongside population growth and demographic change require farmers and growers to produce 50% more food and other materials by 2030, using fewer resources while impacting less on the environment.'

David Cameron has said that "changes are happening in our world... which directly affect the ability of the world's farmers to fulfil their essential purpose: to grow enough food for us all".

This is a time of real opportunity for both industry and science communities. The UK has great strengths in its basic research base built up over recent decades, in people and laboratory techniques, and now is the time that these must be translated into seeds, breed, technologies, tools and practices that can be used to boost productivity on farms, both here and across the world.

Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, Jim Paice said: "This report was prepared by Lord Taylor for the then Conservative opposition and makes a number of recommendations which were warmly received."

And he added, "DEFRA is now examining the proposals closely and will respond shortly."