By Daniel Hunter

Many companies in the UK are still in the dark ages when it comes to keeping pace with mobile customers, according to e-commerce expert Dan Wagner.

His comments come as a recent study carried out by Incentivated shows that many business websites are difficult to use on, or even incompatible with, mobile devices.

Google is suggesting that 50% of all internet searches will be undertaken via mobile devices by 2013, yet 69 of the FTSE 100 have failed to take any steps to ensure their websites are compatible with mobile devices, resulting in simple problems relating to font size and difficult navigation.

“Given that substantial revenues are generated through digital channels, it really is bewildering that so many blue chip companies are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to how they interact with their customers," Wagner said.

"Gone are the days when a retailer’s customer base walked through the front door of its shop. Consumer buying behaviour is changing rapidly as a result of advances in technology. Whilst consumers may still wish to browse in a shop on the high street, purchasing on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, is gathering pace, and is revolutionising the way consumers purchase goods. Retailers who fail to adapt to these changes, to capture sales whenever and wherever the consumer is ready to buy, will suffer severely in the fiercely competitive landscape in the UK.

“This Christmas, we saw purchases through mobile devices increase exponentially. Those who didn’t address their online retail strategy became casualties. Sadly, what today’s study shows is that many FTSE 100 companies could go the same way."

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