By Daniel Hunter

Research looking into the state of the UK workforce by beauty giants L’Oréal has revealed we’re a nation of burning entrepreneurs, and that companies face losing their employees if they aren’t willing to embrace their workers’ ideas and innovations.

The research, released today (Thursday), reveals that three-quarters of British people (73%) were more concerned about having their contributions valued at work than a good salary or benefits package.

Over a third of people (38%) want the opportunity to have their ideas heard by their employers, and more than a quarter (27%) are currently sitting on ideas that they think would be good for business. Despite this, the majority of companies (71%) don’t have a platform in place for such contributions to be made.

Tellingly, three-quarters of workers (73%) felt you could only really demonstrate creative and entrepreneurial initiative in smaller companies.

This frustration was further emphasised by the revelation that almost nine out of ten people (89%) felt uninspired by their own boss, with the majority looking externally for inspiration from those they considered entrepreneurs.

In a stark warning to employers, over a quarter of people (26%), said they feel undervalued, whilst almost a third (30%) said they felt unable to fulfil their full potential with their current company and plan on moving to another job within the next year.

Over a third of people (35%) said they’d look for a company that nurtured employees’ ideas, followed by a third (33%) who want an employer who encourages innovation and creative thinking.

“The research gives a powerful insight into today’s employees, and shows how strongly Brits want to have their ideas heard and be involved in company strategy," L’Oréal UK&I Country Manager Jeremy Schwartz said.

"Large FMCG organisations like ours are often considered powerhouses of process, but at L’Oréal we’re driven more by passion and contribution than process and conformity. We love to say yes to a great idea and a strong business case. ”

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