By Leigh Ashton, Founder, Sasudi

Having excellent communication skills is vital if you are going to achieve sales success.

When you communicate with others you are creating an experience for the other person. Everything you say has an impact...even the smallest things. What’s interesting is that every word you use will have a unique interpretation for the person you are communicating with. When working with groups I often ask people the first thought that pops into their head when I say the word ‘success’.

Interestingly, no two people have ever come back with exactly the same response. Some say ‘promotion’, some say ‘sitting on a beach’, some say ‘loving family’, some say ‘money’. And even if people say they thought of money...when questioned one may have seen a big house, the other the actual word came to mind or maybe a £ or $ image. So imagine a string of words in a sentence and a string of sentences in a conversation and you begin to realise how easy it is to create confusion or misunderstanding.

How does this happen? What causes the mind to do this? (Go with this, the figures coming up are astounding!)

You are subjected to over two million bits of information per second...and that’s a conservative estimate. Your mind can only take in around 134 bits of information per second (that’s 0.0067%). So imagine for a moment somebody giving you two million matches in your right hand and you take 134 of these matches into your left hand...every second. Now what do you think happens to the ones that are left in your right hand? They get discarded. What’s more interesting is how you select the specific 134 each second. You will select the ones that are important or relevant to you and what’s going on in your world right now. This is based on your beliefs, values and all your acquired life experiences and influences up to that point.

Focus of attention
If you believe the world is a rubbish place you will pick the information that supports your belief. Likewise if you believe the world is a great place, full of opportunity, then that’s the information you will take. Remember your unconscious mind wants to support and agree with you. If you’re having a bad day full of negative thoughts, it won’t say ‘Hey you, don’t be such an idiot. Remember that time you had a great meeting and closed the sale. You’re great’. No — it just allows your negative thoughts to filter because that’s the way you’ve trained it and it wants to please you.

The reason we all have different interpretations of the word ‘success’ is because our inner world is created from so many variations of the two million bits of information per second. We are all taking different 134 bit sections.

So what’s the lesson here? Easy - What are you focusing on?

It’s really important for you to continually focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. That way you create the thinking that allows you to take in the positive information that creates and supports your sales success. Doing anything else other than focusing on what you want will ultimately sabotage you — and your sales.

In life, you don’t get what you want; you get what you expect. So expect positive outcomes and you’re more likely to get them. When you think that things are going to be tough that creates in you a behaviour that prepares you for that experience.

For example, you’re going to a meeting with a dissatisfied customer. All the way there you’re thinking of all the things you’re going to say in your defence. That puts you very firmly on the back foot and in your own space. Very likely you will enter that meeting with an air about you that could well instigate a heavy discussion. By visualising a positive outcome and putting yourself into their space, the behaviour you demonstrate will get a very different response.
When you communicate with prospective clients, whatever your objective is will impact on your expectation, and if that’s low or non-existent you may well find yourself creating the very lack of great results that you crave.

Think about it this way...put ‘wealth’ into Google and what do you get? Lots of websites to do with wealth! Put ‘poverty’ into Google and you get sites about poverty. Do they both exist? Of course they do. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want and you will notice it more and attract more of it.