By Esther Smith, Partner at Thomas Eggar

In response to the government dropping its plans to force businesses to publish the pay of their women workers and move towards compulsory gender quotas in the boardroom, Esther Smith, a Partner and employment specialist at leading law firm Thomas Eggar, commented.

"It is a rare, and blessed, relief to hear that the government has made a decision not to implement Harriet Harman's initiative to impose compulsory gender quotas, at a time when we seem to have nothing but more and more rules and regulations for employers to rely on," she said.

“Personally I would be absolutely horrified to think that I held my position as a result of forced equality legislation. Anyone, irrespective of their gender, should be in their position as a result of their own merit, and imposing dictatorial quotas on employers is not the way to engender such a culture. To the best of my knowledge I was assessed academically on the same basis as the male students in my classes, and I am confident that throughout my career I have been promoted on the evidence of what I have achieved, rather than because I am female.

“There are genuine cases of discrimination out there, for which there is adequate protection against legislation, but imposing quotas would in my view do nothing to help the culture in this country progress to a more gender neutral, skills focused approach to promotion and succession in the workplace - quite the opposite. I am delighted to see these proposals dropped.”

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