By Max Clarke

Scheduled for release early 2011, Blackberry have announced the release of their Playbook; a tablet PC brimming with enough features to give the iPad a run for its money...

The innovative BlackBerry® PlayBook™is about to raise the bar in the growing tablet marketplace when it’s released early next year.

Intercity is a leading supplier of business communications solutions and will be one of the first to offer it to customers who wish to have the latest in business technology.

The fastest tablet ever, the PlayBook offers a range of exciting and revolutionary features sure to make it the must have accessory in 2011.

Ultra portable, weighing only 400g and less than an inch thick with a 7” LCD touch screen display, it looks sleek, smart and powerful. With 1 GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM, it allows you to access the internet and bwatch films without any trouble thanks to its user-friendly QNX technology. Perfect for games, media and apps without compromising on quality and provides a user interface to suit every business requirement.

A great addition to any business whether big or small, the PlayBook is efficient and enables better remote working, ideal for accessing corporate data in a secure environment on the move with BlackBerry security. You can even conduct video conferencing with its clear HD screen and dual HD video cameras along with superb stereo sound.

You can pair the PlayBook with any BlackBerry® mobile via a secure Bluetooth connection and gain full access to your email, calendar, BBM, tasks, documents and more.

So to help your business grow, contact Intercity on 0800 652 2055 for more information on the BlackBerry PlayBook and how it can help benefit your business.