By Marcus Leach

Central Saint Martins and Method have joined forces to launch an initiative that will commercialise student product ideas and create a £20 million fund with the aim being to support UK economic growth.

Method is a leading global design and innovation consultancy based in San Francisco, and the venture is aimed at bringing a radical new approach to developing ideas focusing on world class, design-centric products, services and companies.

“We’re willing to invest the expertise and resources to build the brands, products and services that will shape our future,” Kevin Farnham, Chief Executive of Method, said.

“We recognise that London is a hotbed of new ideas and creativity and Method Design Lab is focused wholly on fulfilling the potential of that.”

Speaking on behalf of Central Saint Martins Professor Jane Rapley, Head of College, said how she is excited by the prospect of the venture.

“Innovation is at the core of what we do at Central Saint Martins,” she said.

“Our students are some of the world’s most creative, dynamic and ambitious. Through our partnership with Method we will not only uncover many ideas that may never have seen the light of day but we will be able to develop, improve and commercialise them in a way that was not possible before. There is no reason why the UK should not produce the next Facebook, Google or Apple.”