As Henry Ford famously said: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

Working together isn’t just about signing a contract with a customer or supplier to say that there will be weekly emails or phone calls. In the world of PR and social media, working together is essential, and the best campaigns will be the result of close collaboration and shared objectives.

The most successful marketing campaigns today tend to use a mix of various skills and efforts including PR, social, events and advertising. Content generation, however, is probably the most important aspect of all.

The way to achieve the shared goals of increased thought leadership, brand awareness, customer loyalty and sales lead generation, is by ensuring the content resonates with your target audiences. Is there a clear differential message and a strong call to action? Is it delivered in a considered, consistent and non-salesy manner? ‘Yes’ should be the answer to these questions, because it is no longer enough to just talk at your audience; engagement is the new priority.

So if engagement is so critical, it’s clear that a shared understanding between the client and PR of what the business objectives are will be invaluable. No matter who you are – from an owner-managed small business with growth aspirations, to an international market leader looking to drive innovation – the content generated always needs to align with the business’ strategic objectives and core messages.

Developing opinions

Often, many organisations and their spokespeople believe that they don’t have strong opinions until they enter a kick off meeting. What was initially supposed to be a simple 3-hour session talking about the business’ value proposition can suddenly uncover campaigns and ideas that have had a dramatic impact on the way in which a company positions itself.

Taking a quarterly approach to thought leadership content generation as part of the PR campaign allows for a regular review of the strategic messaging to continue high levels of engagement with your audiences. What’s more, independent endorsement can firstly help you collaborate with your clients and bring your strategic messages to market through well-written press releases and case studies. It also drives engagement with journalists, bloggers and other influencers as part of your wider communication strategy.

So, at the core of a successful campaign that generates content that supports sales, marketing, and customer loyalty is bringing your PR team ‘inside’ the business, sharing the vision and collaborating on the strategic messages.

To conclude with another quote from Mr Ford: "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

By Josephine Timmins, Director, Neo PR