By Ben Simmons

The latest snowfall has seen a significant increase in sales of wellington boots at Sales were up 223% in the last few days, compared with the same period last year, as people are responding to the need to keep their feet warm and dry as they return to work.

There has been a particular demand for the latest insulated, neoprene lined wellies as the UK make practical steps to carry on with the day to day of their lives. These boots are capable of providing comfort for adventurers who carry out treks in sub zero Arctic conditions but are now being worn in the United Kingdom.

Carriers cope remarkably well with the snow, with Royal Mail the best equipped to deliver as the last mile of their delivery network is carried out on foot rather than on road so parcels can get through even when cars cannot.

David Bridgford, Operations Director of The Welly Shop said “We were well prepared this year with lots of new lines of boots including the new limited edition Hunter Range of insulated Snow Wellies with Vibram walking boot soles. In 2010 when the pre-Xmas snowfalls took everyone by surprise demand for wellies overtook supply and most retailers sold out of major lines leaving customers to scramble to purchase whatever was available”.

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