By Daniel Hunter

Confidence in cloud services will continue to grow as more businesses integrate cloud services into their IT infrastructure, according to Piers Linney, Co-CEO of Outsourcery.

Launched today (Wednesday), Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) questioned 250 senior IT business decision-makers for its latest white paper. The report found that 69 per cent of businesses have cloud-based services in use today, a dramatic rise from 48 per cent just three years ago, and Outsourcery, a founding member of CIF, expects this to grow.

“These results demonstrate that the rate at which companies are adopting cloud is picking up pace and this is a reflection of both the advancements in the market and the confidence of customers increasing," Piers Linney, Co-CEO of Outsourcery said.

"One of our priorities at Outsourcery is to make sure that our partners are fully equipped to offer cloud to their customers and these results illustrate that it is now more important than ever to be ready to meet the demand for cloud.”

The results also highlighted that companies are using a mixture of deployment models with 86 per cent of companies questioned saying that they had a hybrid IT estate comprising of a range of cloud, on-premise and hosted services.

“For some companies, a gradual approach to moving to the cloud is preferred because they don’t want to overhaul their entire system straight away or they feel that the model is currently only viable for certain aspects of their business," Linney added.

"For others, having a hybrid IT infrastructure is an issue of having to keep certain information on an on-premise server due to their industry guidelines. In time we’ll see more companies at least partly working with cloud within their business due to its flexibility and we expect more industries to see the security value in the cloud model.

“One of the most important findings for us is the fact that 91 per cent of customers are satisfied with their cloud service. As a leading UK cloud computing provider, we are continually looking for new ways to improve the business processes of our customers with our solutions and we’re pleased to see a hugely positive response to cloud in the marketplace."

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