By Marcus Leach

An independent report proved that Local Government and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles made a correct decision in ordering the end of the Labour implemented FiReControl project.

The expensive project, initially launched by John Prescott, was a plan to replace 46 Fire and Rescue control rooms with 9 regional control centres.

A damning report from the National Audit Office (NAO) has revealed that the project was a 'comprehensive failure' that would have wasted 'at least £469 million'.

On hearing the report's conclusion, Pickles said:

"This official report represents another damning indictment of Labour's track record on expensive IT projects. It is no surprise that Labour led the country to the brink of bankruptcy when they can't even manage the spiralling costs of a misguided project.

"Taxpayers deserve better than for £500 million of their hard-earned money to be wasted on Labour's uncosted and unplanned IT schemes. This was John Prescott's folly. But Labour Ministers were more interested in saving face than saving taxpayers' money.

"I welcome this NAO report which identifies clear shortcomings in the way this programme was designed and executed. Labour Ministers must accept responsibility for their comprehensive failure."

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