By Daniel Hunter

With the announcement that Argos and eBay have formed a ‘click-and-collect’ partnership where online shoppers will be able to order items from eBay and pick them up from Argos shops, the worlds of Internet shopping and the High Street have been brought a step closer.

The announcement offers convenience to the online shopper but also means they will return to the High Street to collect their purchases, offering hard pressed retailers an opportunity to engage with them.

Dan Wagner, eCommerce and mobile commerce expert and CEO of Powa Technologies has long been a champion for the increasing use of technology in the retail sector in a bid to introduce a flavour of online shopping to bricks and mortar stores.

“Partnerships such as this reflect the need that shoppers have long been crying out for. Shoppers want speed and convenience and an approach to retail that reflects the progression that is much needed," he said.

"Our shopping districts need radical solutions to tempt consumers back in increasing numbers and measures such as this will be a big boost for the high street.

“This deal will not be a silver bullet that will cure the ills of town centre shopping overnight, though. There must be a technology driven revolution whereby stores create a proliferation of ways through which they can engage with their customers. Mobile payment and click-and-collect represent two of the ways retail is changing for the better but there must be other initiatives that are introduced with urgency to bring shopping into the modern era.

"The removal of a linear shopping format with redesigned shop floors that allow for browsing and purchasing to be interlinked will make a huge difference. Also, an increased amount of personalisation with bespoke recommendations that mimic online stores will also enhance the experience for shoppers. The pressure on the high street to evolve will therefore remain.”

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