by Max Clarke

In the face of growing disunity within the coalition government, Deputy Prime minister Nick Clegg expressed his support for the Parliamentary vote Tomorrow which, if passed, will see a 300% university fee hike.

While he is confident on the support of his ministers in Thursday’s vote, he faces significant opposition both from backbenchers within his own party, and allegedly from several Tory MPs including David Davis.

At least 13 Lib Dem backbenchers are prepared to vote against him with former party leader Menzies Campbell said to be among them.
Mr. Clegg urged his party to remain unified, saying “Given that we have to walk through the fire, it would be better to walk through the fire together."

In an article for the Financial Times, Clegg stated that "The government's proposals are controversial but I am convinced that they are the fairest way to keep Britain's higher education sector strong, even as we cut the deficit that endangers our economy."

Clegg, however, is not alone in his party in his support of the fee rises, with Business Secretary Vince Cable becoming increasingly public in his support.

Cameron meanwhile has remained vociferous in his support of the fee rises which he claims are essential for both the UK economy and for the quality of the institutions.