By Marcus Leach

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has flown to Mexico with a group of high-level delegates as he bids to boost Britain's import and export trade with the the south American country.

Clegg will be joined on the mission by several representatives from companies, as well as from four UK universities, looking to increase Britain's current share of Mexican imports, which at present stands at around 1%.

There has been an increased push by the coalition Government to expand British business in emerging markets, with similar missions having already been to China, India, the Middle East and Brazil.

"We are not part of the action in Latin America, and I think that Mexico is as good a place as any to kickstart that process," Clegg said.

"We would have to be hard pushed to do any worse than we are doing at the moment."

There is a strong belief that trade in emerging markets can boost the recovery of Britain's own faltering economy, with public spending cuts expected to further reduce demand.