By Claire West

The upcoming Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Annual Conference is to focus on insight-driven HR, a major theme to emerge from its flagship research programme, Next Generation HR. Experts will reveal real-life examples of how HR practitioners can foster a deeper understanding of the whole organisation and how it functions, gaining strategic influence within the business to drive and shape strategy.

Key insights to be explored will be:

-How to work with the board to evolve and drive an organisation forward

-What type of HR insights add value

-How to gain insight and use it to drive business performance

-How to act as an organisational provocateur through encouraging, questioning and prompting the business to think differently about how to tackle its most pressing challenges

Through the Next Generation HR project, the CIPD calls for a new, simple language and a different way of defining and thinking about the future direction of the HR profession. The annual conference brings to life this challenge and seminars will focus on how HR can play a leading role.

Relevant seminars include:

-Being Provocative: HR’s role in challenging the organisation, Sue Swanborough, HR Director, UK and Ireland, General Mills, and Jim Moseley, Managing Director, UK and Ireland, General Mills

-The Next Stage of HR Evolution: insight-driven HR. John Wrighthouse, Group Human Resources Director, Nationwide, and Sophie Ireland, HR Practice Adviser, CIPD

-Being Authentic, Imelda Walsh, Former Group HR Director, Sainsbury’s, and Jackie Orme, CEO CIPD

-Building A New Generation of HR Leaders, Lee Sears, Founder, Bridge, and Hayley Tatum, UK Operations Personnel Director, Tesco

Jackie Orme, CEO of the CIPD, said:

“Organisation insight is founded on a deep understanding of business drivers and an appreciation of how human and organisational issues uniquely combine to deliver short and long-term performance.

“Leading organisations and HR leaders from Nationwide, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and General Mills are investing heavily in building organisations that are genuinely fit for the future, innovating in the building of future fit leaders, and developing authentic and adaptable cultures. They will demonstrate at the conference how HR needs to evolve in light of the challenges organisations face as we enter a period of recovery.

“Until HR becomes a truly insight driven function, it will be failing to consistently add the unique value that our research shows is very much within its reach. Our conference tackles this challenge head on and will offer a great platform for the best of HR to share ideas and influence their own organisations’ future strategy.”

For a full conference programme, visit www.cipd.co.uk/ace