Image: David Goehring Image: David Goehring

Cheques are still a common method of payment in the UK despite the belief that it will die out, according to Payments UK.

Considering they were due to be phased out completely by 2018, the organisation said nearly 550 million cheques were written in 2015 - around 10 per adult. That is a 13% fall on the number used in 2014, but Payments UK said the figures show that cheques are "still valued" .

In order to bring cheques into the 21st century, some banks have introduced 'cheque imaging' - allowing customers to take a photo of a cheque and send it to the bank.

Payments UK said cheques were still most popular among the over 65s. However, they are still a popular method of payment for tradespeople and charities.

The research also shows that debit cards still remain behind cash as the most popular payment method in the UK, however, that is set to change in 2021. The figures suggest that monthly spend via contactless hit £1.5 billion for the first time in March, with the over 60s the fastest growing age group for contactless payments.