By Max Clarke

Charity workers are to strike tomorrow in protest of the estimated £4.4 billion of government funding cut from the third sector.

The cuts are part of Prime Minister David Cameron’s ‘big society’ drive in which services provided by the government are being scaled back, to be replaced by an army of volunteers and privately funded charities.

Opponents to Cameron's project claim it is nothing more than crony capitalism: a politically motivated assault on the public sector for the benefit of the private sector elite.

One example of cuts protested by charity worker members of the Unite union include the London Voluntary Service Council, which has suffered a £120,000 -a year -cut to its budget meaning, Unite assert, that it will have to stop the work it does to steer young people away from crime.

“The prime minister needs to stop his sham ‘Big Society’ rhetoric and realise that the harder you hit the voluntary sector, the fewer volunteers it can support,” said the union’s non-profit officer, Sally Kosky.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Eric Pickles, Francis Maude and charities’ minister, Nick Hurd, as the ministers responsible for what the union deem 'savage cuts' are the focus of the demonstrations in Westminster.

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