By Daniel Hunter

Chambers Ireland has emphasised the need for the Government to focus on cost containment.

"Although attempts to generate significant savings through the extension of the Public Service Agreement have suffered a setback, we urge the Government to focus on cost containment and reforms that deliver efficiencies in the context of our current economic situation," Sean Murphy, Chambers Ireland Deputy Chief Executive said.

"We continue to borrow €1.25 billion a month to primarily fund pensions and social welfare, pay wages and deliver other services; this is not sustainable and the gap must be closed.

"There is a major prize to be won in terms of a sustainable and cost competitive Ireland by delivering enhanced flexibility and more cost effective Governmental services for all users. Croke Park II had the potential to deliver this vision by agreement between management and unions; we now need to see it delivered by other means.

"The goal of excellent Governmental services delivered cost effectively will help to close the gap of our unsustainable monthly borrowing and remove the spectre of cost overruns and poor service delivery that occur in some major units of Government. It will also lead to the creation of more employment as money that would otherwise be taken in taxes, is spent in the economy."

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