By Max Clarke

A leading business organisation has issued a stark warning to the government not to cave into union pressure on pension reform.

Public sector unions have reacted furiously to the reform proposals, which will see public sector workers pay more towards their pensions in order to plug the £10 billion annual shortfall in pension contributions.

“Workers in the private sector have accepted significant changes to their pensions to maintain good schemes,” said the Director General of the Confederation of Commerce, John Cridland. “The current dispute doesn’t bode well for implementing the essential reforms included in the Hutton report. Once Lord Hutton’s proposals are implemented, public sector workers will still have among the best pensions in the UK. Many of the lowest paid will be better off in retirement than they would be in the current schemes.”

The Public and Civil Service union, along with two teachers’ union, whose members total some 750,000, angered by the prospect of a reduction to their pensions have scheduled mass strike action across the UK for Jun 30th.

“The strikes planned for 30th June will cause major disruption for families and businesses,” continued Cridland. “Thousands of parents will be forced to take a day off work to look after their children, leaving businesses in the lurch.

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