By Maximilian Clarke

Speaking at the opening of the Confederation of British Industry’s (CBI) annual conference, Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a speech outlining the challenges facing the UK economy, and how the coalition government intends to stimulate growth.

"If we are to build a new model of growth, we need to give a massive boost to enterprise, entrepreneurship and business creation,” spoke Cameron, stressing his government’s various business friendly policies that will ultimately deliver sustainable economic growth. To do this, credit must be made more available and government and business must focus on export growth among new, high-growth markets.

Commenting on David Cameron’s speech, the CBI welcomed the Prime Minister’s intentions:

“The Prime Minister gave an upbeat speech, focused on how the Government intends to move up a gear on its growth strategy,” commented John Cridland, CBI Director General. “He highlighted the housing sector and outlined a CBI-inspired proposal to bridge the deposit gap for first time buyers of new-build property.

“Mr Cameron also made clear that within one week, when the Chancellor makes his autumn statement, we would have a new strategy for infrastructure, which will aim to leverage private sector balance sheets to stimulate growth. He recognised the need to refocus UK exports towards emerging markets, echoing the CBI and Ernst & Young’s research.”

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