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As global enterprise moves through digital transformation, leaders are under pressure to innovate in order to deal with an increasingly disrupted business landscape.

The rapid emergence of new technologies and trends puts a ruthless edge on this evolution. Firms that fail to meet challenges with dexterity and agility risk being left behind.

Software development has become essential among the firms that are thriving in today’s digital ecosystem; long-term, technology-based strategies are the way forward for firms that want to future-proof from top to bottom.

Below we examine this dynamic in more detail, and consider how software development can pave the way for success in the 21st century.

One size does not fit all

As no two organisations are the same, companies frequently find themselves tolerating expensive off-the-peg software solutions that negatively impact on efficiency.

Software development fosters bespoke applications built in accordance with worker feedback. A better informed, more relevant start point leads to the building of more intelligent programmes, which can streamline work processes to produce more accurate results.

As these solutions are developed in-house, software packages can be easily and inexpensively updated if necessary.


Business builders will find that bespoke software is far more scale-friendly than packaged solutions. This is especially relevant to firms in line for rapid growth which often need application patches to enable expansion.

Custom-made software brings in the element of flexibility that is essential when customers or working trends demand changes in how your programmes work. Ultimately, software development enables the business to have far more control over its own destiny.

Cost savings

The tailored fit produced by bespoke software development means resources are allocated efficiently. For example, should the customised solution be outsourced, developers will ensure that what they create can function perfectly off existing in-house hardware. This intelligent use of resources helps to optimise expenditure and increase productivity.

Encouragingly, when firms use bespoke software, what’s produced is wholly the property of the organisation. If outsourced, an initial fee will apply, but no further costs should be added for maintenance. While license fees are avoided, extra money can be made by licensing the software out to other businesses.


Off-the-peg solutions can often demand complex and expensive training which staff need to get through in order to operate the software properly.

Bespoke solutions are built to the precise needs and skills of your workforce, greatly reducing the chance of complications arising when new programmes are implemented.

Network security

Security walls tend to be more of a target for ready-made software solutions, simply because the same applications are used by a multitude of organisations. Cyber criminals need only identify and exploit one weakness in that commonly used programming to compromise the digital health of a high number of companies.

A sole company using its own software solution is less of an incentive to nefarious parties. Furthermore, a firm can communicate all of its weaknesses and concerns to an externally sourced software vendor, meaning that the solution produced will be tailored to add corporate protection where it is needed most.

The end result sees external security threats greatly offset by a bespoke software development solution.

Nick Thompson, managing director at DCSL Software, said: "Bespoke software development firms such as DCSL Software as there to provide tailored software for companies large and small. From start ups to blue chips, there is a constant demand for software to meet specific user requirements. With off-the-peg software, there is always a risk that whoever is selling it will try and manipulate users’ requirements to meet their pre-existing functionality in order to sell the software.

"And in some cases, the software is changed by the vendor to meet those requirements. Whilst this sounds like a potentially good solution, the problem with this is how the vendor will use this to their advantage. Perhaps they’ve always wanted that feature for all their clients and now you are going to pay for it. Perhaps they will make a special version of the software just for you, so anytime the software is updated you have to have the custom changes re-applied to the latest version, hiding a potentially explosive ongoing cost. Bespoke software means the software is written from the ground up for your organisation or product, it belongs to you and you alone, and these issues are something that will never come to light.”

Control your future

The fundamental benefit of developing your own software is control – the power to design applications that fit your skills and requirements perfectly, but which also promote growth in a secure and cost-effective way.

Improved efficiency, productivity and collaboration processes are further business invigorators that stand to play out through bespoke software solutions, ultimately leading to an eco-system that nourishes the enterprise, enabling it to ride through any challenge the future throws at it.

By Stephen White, Amplified Business Content