By Jonathan Davies

When we hear of Gaza, we think of a war torn region embroiled in a long-running dispute and conflict with Israel.

'Business', 'entrepreneurship' and 'start-ups' are not words that immediately spring to mind. But a fundraising campaign has been launched to save Gaza's only start-up accelerator.

The funding which allowed Gaza Sky Geeks to launch has ended, with additional funding redirected to humanitarian responses.

The start-up accelerator is looking for $70,000 worth of investing through fundraising platform IndieGoGo. After just three days, it has already received more than £28,000.

According to the campaign, it will be forced to cease its operations and close its co-working space if it doesn't achieve its goal.

Gaza Sky Geeks was created to launch a start-up movement in Gaza and harness local talent and give opportunities to the region's youth.

Earlier this year, it sourced the first ever investments for Gaza start-ups.

Its co-working space is the cornerstone of Gaza's startup ecosystem. It's a home for startups - young people who are exploring the idea of launching a startup, the local Microsoft Student Partners and Google Developers Groups, a book club where The Lean Startup was first brought to Gaza, an English class for entrepreneurs, and much more.

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