BY Claire West

Speaking after a meeting with prime minster David Cameron yesterday, Public and Commercial Services general secretary Mark Serwotka said:

"David Cameron's claim that he wants to maintain a discussion with the unions is undermined by him saying in the next breath that he's not prepared to negotiate on the specific issue of the change from the RPI to CPI index for public sector pensions - which represents a massive cut in the value of pensions.

"If his government will not agree to full and meaningful negotiations, then these meetings and fine words are pointless, and simply invite industrial and legal action.

"We will not allow ourselves to be drawn into accepting cuts to welfare, attacks on public services, mass job losses, and cuts to pay and pensions, with the occasional promise of tea and a cosy chat in Downing Street.

"The Unite general secretary Len McCluskey has said today that we must oppose all cuts and we absolutely agree with him.

"For our opposition to be effective, we have to say there is no need for cuts, and that they are being driven by a political imperative, not out of necessity.

"The coming year will be one of the most defining 12 months in recent history. PCS is committed to uniting with other unions to co-ordinate action both industrially and in our communities to help build on what is already a promising movement against the cuts."