By Claire West

Attending his last Trades Union Congress before retirement, Derek Simpson joint leader of Britain's biggest union Unite, will deliver a message to Congress that the role trade unionists play resisting the ConDem assault will define our movement and this country for decades to come.

Derek Simpson, Unite's joint general secretary said:

"Cameron has put the trade union movement on the front line."[/o]

[i]"Behind the eye watering statistics being used by the ConDem's to justify their case for cuts, there are real people. The stark reality is that when public sector workers lose their jobs and services are cut, our children will learn less, people's health could suffer and our streets will become more dangerous.

"The responsibility to stand up to the Tory-Liberal assault on our rights, welfare and living standards has fallen on this generation of trade unionists. The role we play will define our movement and this country for decades to come."

Unions must try to expose the real Con-Dem agenda and the realities of the impact big cuts in public spending will have on ordinary people.

Mr Simpson continued:

"Unions must build a robust campaign in defence of public services, seeking to publicise and build this fight across the labour movement and local communities as a whole. This will mean reaching out beyond the trade union movement to community groups and not for profit organisations. The Tories managed to stitch up the election by going into business with a silent partner but if we can build a coalition against the cuts which is loud and proud they won't find it so easy to dismantle decades of progress."