By Marcus Leach

Prime Minister David Cameron has urged European leaders to take 'decisive steps' towards solving the current economic crisis that has gripped the eurozone.

Mr Cameron believes that the problems in the eurozone are putting the world economy at risk, and that the eurozone leaders have a collective responsibility to resolve the issues.

This weekend saw leading figures from France and Germany meeting to try and agree on important changes. But it is heading towards the stage where the eurozone had to be made to work, or face up to its possible failure.

"The situation with the world economy is very precarious," Mr Cameron told the Financial Times on Monday.

"The eurozone is probably contributing more to that uncertainty and lack of confidence than anything else. You either make the eurozone work properly or you confront its potential failure.

"We need to push, but in the end it is their currency, it is their issue - they have to take the decisive steps."

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