By Daniel Hunter

Virgin Media Business has marked Flexible Working Awareness Day today (May 6) by calling on companies to provide employees with the tools they need to enable them to work effectively outside of the office.

Organisations across the UK have the power to boost performance by embracing digital. In fact, research conducted by Virgin Media Business last year found that 81% of workers believe that being able to work remotely increases their productivity.

Yet many are still not doing so, despite the knowledge that businesses that make it easy for staff to work flexibly are also likely to see an increase in loyalty. 84% of people surveyed said that allowing remote working shows that a company trusts and values their work.

To take full advantage of the benefits digital has to offer, organisations need to equip staff with the tools they need to work from anywhere at any time.

Duncan Higgins, Marketing Director, Virgin Media Business, said: “Technology connects companies and employees in the globalised world. Yet these digital advancements also mean that global competition is more significant than ever before for UK businesses.

“Providing employees with the right tools, be they unified communications, mobility or secure, remote access, to work flexibly around both their personal and professional needs will not only transform productivity but it will also allow businesses to take on their biggest competitors, both nationally and internationally.”