By Marcus Leach

In the wake of the news that Rupert Murdoch has withdrawn his bid for BSkyB there has been calls for issues surrounding regulations relating to the country's media to be addressed.

Labour MP Graham Allen, speaking moments after the News Corp bid was dropped, called for a focus on the government and Prime Minister David Cameron to address the issue of media regulation to ensure this situation doesn't arise again in the future.

"I think we are chasing the wrong hare," Mr Allen said. "This BSkyB stuff has been important and has been resolved now, and there is a nice cosy consensus in the House of Commons about what what we need to do about it, and they have withdrawn the bid.

"The big picture here is about regulation of the media and about ownership of the media. I think now if we get sucked into which celebrity had their phone tapped, or what horrendous thing emerged from the horrendous situation at the News of the World, we will be missing the really big stuff. That is why I sought to amend the proposal on the floor of the House of Commons today (Wednesday) to extend it so that we cover ownership and regulation.

Mr Allen went on to say that he wants to see the British media controlled and regulated in the same manner as independent television companies and radio stations are.

"I would like to see the press regulated in very much the same way the BBC, independent television companies and radio so there is a proper legal framework, as well as clarity about how many news and media outlets that one person, or one organisation, can own. Until you resolve those questions in six months time we could be back in exactly the same position," he continued.

"I think as politicians we need to take a step back and draw down some very clear guidelines as to how we deal with such issues in the future so that we don't just address the symptoms but actually the causes of the problems that we have seen in the press in the last few weeks."