Caledonia Investments plc (LSE: CLDN) is a UK investment trust company based in London and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The company was listed on the LSE in 1960, and became known as Caledonia Investments plc in 1981.

It actively invests in 30-40 companies at any one time.

James Loudon is the chairman and Tim Ingram the chief executive.

The company which became Caledonia Investments was incorporated in 1928 as the Foreign Railways Investment Trust Ltd.

It was acquired by the Cayzer family in 1951 to hold their diverse interests and was renamed Caledonia Investments Ltd. In 1955 Caledonia acquired the Cayzer family's interest in the British & Commonwealth Shipping Co. Ltd, formed out of the merger of Clan Line (started by the Cayzer family in 1881) and Union-Castle Line.

In 1960 the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange and in 1981 their name was changed to Caledonia Investments PLC.

After their holding in British & Commonwealth was sold in 1987, Caledonia Investments became a UK Investment trust company. Today the Cayzer family are still heavily involved in Caledonia Investments.

Source: Wikipedia