By Max Clarke

Matt Tee, Permanent Secretary for Government Communications became the latest Senior Civil Servant to announce their resignation this month, together with that of Directgov head, Jayne Nickalls.

The end of the Labour government has signalled over eight permanent secretary departures already, and hundreds of other job changes across the SCS. The change in composition of the civil service has been drastic and both changes in Whitehall and the Devolved regions are reflected in the new edition of Dods Civil Service Companion.

Dods Civil Service Companion is the “Who’s Who” of the Civil Service, and lists the 4,000 Senior Civil Servants and all government organisations responsible for policy-making, development and delivery.

The 900-page publication has been transformed since the seismic shift of power, and is the only publication dedicated to providing up-to-date biographical and contact details for all UK Senior Civil Servants. From Ian Watmore’s new Efficiency and Reform Group that is transforming government spending and procurement practices, to the new Department for Justice in Northern Ireland, the publication is an essential compendium for those seeking to access government.

Dods Civil Service Companion is published by Dods specialists in services designed for organisations wishing to understand and engage with Parliament, the Civil Service, the wider public sector and the public affairs community, which is also responsible for the newspaper written by the senior civil service, Civil Service World.