C F Booth Ltd is a business based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, dealing in recycling and scrap metal. Their main site is Clarence Metal Works adjacent to the Rotherham Ring Road, although there are, or have been, a number of other associated sites and businesses including a rail served site in Doncaster (closed) and a site in Aston, near Rotherham, which concentrated on dismantling buses.

The Clarence Works site is essentially a scrapyard for ferrous and non ferrous metals and non ferrous Melting Shop. The company's gantry cranes and three Derrick cranes make the site quite distinctive.

The name is generally associated with the scrapping of diesel and electric locomotives since the 1960s. This work continues to date (2011), although a number of the vehicles bought are now resold for preservation. Many wagons, carriages, underground and departmental stock are also processed here.

Source: Wikipedia