By Daniel Hunter

With the publication of a new draft guidance documents, the government has outlined a series of guidelines for public sector workers who wish to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

The series of documents advises public sector system administrators on the best way to manage access to private networks through the use of personal devices. The move marks the first instance where the government is embracing the growing trend enabling workers to use their own gadgets in the workplace.

Qubic Group plc, communications and cloud computing specialist, believes that this move further reinforces the surging popularity of BYOD but also shows the level of trust that companies now have in the technology. Coupled with a recent report from Gartner, estimating that 85% of companies will eventually implement BYOD at the workplace, the trend is now firmly positioned in the mind set of employers.

Chris Papa, Managing Director of Qubic (, states, “Bring Your Own Device definitely represents the future of the workplace, as demonstrated by this recent move from the government. The fact that the government is finally embracing BYOD, and providing a framework for the public sector to implement it, is the ultimate endorsement.

“There may be some hesitation on their part, but the fact that public sector workers are now being entrusted to harbour confidential information on their own personal devices, speaks volumes about the shifting attitudes toward BYOD. If implemented in the correct manner, BYOD is a hugely beneficial tool, and can help to enhance efficiency and productivity for a diverse range of businesses across the globe.”

Chris concludes, “Adoption on this scale represents a huge step forward for those implementing the technology for both public and sector clients but more importantly is a step towards a more modern and flexible workplace. The main aim now is to engage with the concerns surrounding BYOD procedures, and ensuring that it is implemented in the correct and most secure manner.”

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