raw_talentBefore I set up Raw Talent Academy, I worked in the corporate world. I once had to make a very tough decision regarding an employee who was married with kids and his family’s breadwinner. He was a lovely guy, but just couldn’t do the job. In the corporate world, it’s usually harder to terminate someone’s employment because HR departments are scared of being taken to court. However, in this case, it was a straightforward - although hard - thing to do. We’d sat down together several times to agree his objectives, but it was clear they weren’t being met. If we hadn’t sorted objectives out, and had an easy way to measure his performance, it might have been very different, but the structure that was in place meant I was able to deal with this difficult challenge.

I’ve followed this lesson throughout my career. As a boss, if you don’t do things properly, you can end up with all sorts of trouble. However, don’t sit on your employees’ shoulders and micromanage them. Instead, have regular meetings and set them bite-sized objectives. That way, things that aren’t being done properly will become apparent. On a different note, I’ve had a potentially difficult issue recently. One of my employees has taken on management responsibility for 10 people. She was very good when overseeing just two or three people, but now that her responsibilities have increased, she’s spending most of her time managing rather than doing her ‘day job’. The way we’ve dealt with this challenge is to help her set key objectives - both for herself and for her team. You might be surprised at how many businesses fail to do such an obvious thing.

As a result, we’ve been able to break down her tasks and share them among her team. She now has a great management structure to enable her to get the best from her team, we’re getting the best from her, and the business is benefiting as a result. It’s a win-win-win situation. There are so many potentially difficult challenges. Whether it’s a popular, friendly, family man that you’ve got to let go, or a valued member of staff who needs assistance in adapting to a new role, these can be serious if you don’t have structures in place to cope. The right structure won’t stop the issues coming up in the first place, but they’ll help ensure a speedy and smooth outcome.