By Jonathan Davies

You don't need us to tell you that it's April Fools Day. But gone are the days when April Fools was dominated by childish tricks. Now, the ones that get us all talking about the tricks played by businesses.

The midday deadline has passed and we've trawled trough the internet and social media to find the best ones. And here they are:

Virgin moving to Branson, Missouri

Remember the glass-bottomed airplanes from a few years ago? Richard Branson and Virgin are fast becoming notorious April Fools jokers.

This time, the British entrepreneur says he's relocating the business' headquarters to Branson, Missouri in the US after discovering his great-great uncle founded the city.

But that's not all. The airline and Virgin Hotels will be heading to the city, and Virgin Limited Edition is build its next property there.

Costa's ostrich pillows

Have you ever been so tired whilst sitting in Costa that your coffee just isn't enough to wake you up? Well Costa is launching 'Costa and a kip'. They'll provide you with ostrich pillows to let you have a 15 minute nap - they'll even give you a little clock so you can let staff know when to wake you up.

They even created a relatively convincing video! You can watch that here.

Clear marmite

Love it or hate it - that's always been the feeling towards Marmite. But now they've developed a clear Marmite in a bid to win over those who don't want dark food for breakfast. Apparently, psychologists said that "eating dark-coloured foods for breakfast can provoke feelings of negativity".

Guardian teams up with Jeremy Clarkson

Top marks go to the Guardian for capitalising on a very hot new story!

Jeremy Clarkson, who was recently dropped from Top Gear by the BBC for a physical attack on a producer, is to become the newspaper's face of its headline campaign against fossil fuel extraction.

Those of you who regularly watched Top Gear will know that Clarkson is an avid petrol head, who isn't exactly quiet in his criticisms of alternatively fueled cars.

Like Costa, the Guardian too has produced a video, although the actor playing Clarkson is a little less convincing for this one! You can watch the video here.

Reverse toilet

We almost didn't want to look at this one. But bathroom retailer, Bathstore, has launched a reverse toilet called the T-Eliot (toilet backwards).

The Bathstore says it is a natural evolution of the toilet and "allows for full social connectivity, productivity and ultimate comfort whilst sat doing your business in the bathroom".

It's got WiFi, a built-in HD screen, a webcam, a timer and a dock for your phone or MP3 player. And it'll cost upwards of £1,400.

If you're really that curious, images can be found here.

Until next year April Fools!