By Max Clarke

More than 400 road transport regulations are facing the axe after being placed on the government’s Red Tape Challenge.

It is hoped that by reducing central government regulations, businesses will be better able to operate.

“By getting government off people’s backs we can free businesses to compete, create jobs and unleash a private sector-led recovery. We will also give people the opportunity to play a greater role in their community and build a stronger society,” said Road Minister, Mike Penning.

“We are calling on everyone: consumers, businesses and volunteer groups to get involved and help reduce the number of badly thought out and obsolete regulations in our country.

The review also targets a number of ‘arcane and obsolete’ regulations on the statute books that could run the risk of eroding public confidence in regulations. For example, there are regulations in force dating back to the 2007 foot and mouth crisis allowing milk tanker drivers to work longer hours. There are also regulations that still exist allowing road closures for the 1994 Tour de France.

AA president and Visiting Professor of Transport at Newcastle University also commented: “Good road transport should be about getting from A to B in an efficient, economic, safe, and sustainable manner. It should not be about filling in forms from A to Z or complying with historic, bureaucratic, and irrelevant regulations. The AA supports this initiative to cut red tape whilst maintaining a flexible framework to enable safe and reliable journeys.”